How do I book an interpreter?

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Worldwide Interpreting and Translation is the leading language expert with over 150 different languages available, all of which are NAATI Certified. Our team is made up of Interpreters (not administrators) who have done the hard yards and understand client service and the importance of the role.

Step by Step guide to securing an Interpreter

  1. Visit the Official Website: First, use your web browser to navigate to the official website of Worldwide Interpreting and Translation.
  2. Locate the 'Services' Section: Look for a section labelled 'Interpreting Services' on the homepage. This could be on the top navigation bar or elsewhere on the page.
  3. Choose 'Interpreting Services': In the services section, find and click on 'Interpreting Services'. This will take you to a page that explains their interpreting service in more detail.
  4. Review the Available Services: Spend some time reading about the different types of interpreting services offered, such as simultaneous, consecutive, or over-the-phone interpreting. Make sure the company offers the specific type of interpreting service you require.
  5. Request a Quote: Look for a button or link that says 'Request a Quote'. This will lead to an online form where you can specify your interpreting needs.
  6. Complete the Quote Form: Fill in all the required information on the quote form. This will typically include the language you require interpreting from and into, the type of interpreting service needed, the date and time of the service, the expected duration, and the location if the service is in-person. You may also need to provide your name, contact information, and any additional details or special requests.
  7. Submit the Form: Once you have filled out the form, click the 'Submit' button to send your quote request to the company.
  8. Wait for a Response: After submitting the form, you should receive an automated confirmation email. Then, wait for a representative from Worldwide Interpreting and Translation to get back to you with a quote. You will receive a response shortly after submitting.
  9. Review the Quote: Once you receive the quote, review it carefully to make sure it meets your needs and fits within your budget.
  10. Confirm the Booking: If you are happy with the quote, you will usually need to respond to the email or follow a link in the email to confirm the booking. There might be a deposit or full payment required at this point, which you can typically pay via credit card or bank transfer.
  11. Wait for Confirmation: Once you have confirmed the booking and made any required payment, you should receive a booking confirmation email with the details of your interpreter and the service you have booked.
  12. Keep the Confirmation Safe: Store the confirmation email safely and keep a note of any relevant details. You may need to present this information on the day of the interpreting service.