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Our NAATI certified professional translators handle your documents with care and precision. Our translators have competency and expertise in their specific technical fields and industries. Worldwide will select the best fit for your project from our pool of experienced reliable translators.

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Certified Document Translation

We guarantee an immediate response and ensure your communication needs are our highest priority.

Now you can confidently deliver the messages you need to, when you need to.

We appoint an experienced translator who will translate and certify your document in required foreign language within the shortest possible turnaround time. With years of experience in the profession, we understand that certified document translations are required urgently. We can upgrade your request to our urgent translation service to ensure that we translate your document within specified time-frames.

Examples of what we translate for our clients:

  • Driver licences translation
  • Birth Certificates translation
  • Marriage Certificates translation
  • Identity Cards and Identity Documents translation
  • Medical Reports and Records translation
  • Legal Statements translation
  • Police Clearances translation
  • Penal Records translation
  • Certificate of Good Conduct translation
  • Coroner Report translation
  • Forensic Material translation
  • Certificate of Registration translation
  • Police Reports translation
  • Passports translation
  • Death Certificates translation
  • Divorce Certificates translation
  • Divorce Settlement translation
  • Wills & Last Testaments translation
  • Adoption Certificate translation
  • Certificate of Good Conduct translation
  • Coroner Report translation
  • Forensic Material translation
  • Certificate of Registration translation
  • Embalming Report translation

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Translation FAQs

Q. Can I send you a few sample pages and get a price for my document?
A.  Yes, we can give an estimation of the cost from a few sample pages. However, please bear in mind that no 2 pages are exactly the same, so the quote won’t be an accurate one. It is recommended to send in the entire document to get an accurate quote and avoid overcharging.

Q. How about confidentiality?
A. All of our translators and interpreters are contractually bound to maintain strict confidentiality in all translation assignments. We are 100% happy to accept and execute your confidentiality agreement, if any.

Q. Can I use translation software instead of a professional translation service like Worldwide?
A. Language can be emotional and may contain hidden meanings. Even the most advanced translation software will miss the idiosyncrasies of language and cultural context

Q. Which word processing formats do you support?
A.  We work in Microsoft Word and PDF formats. Other popular formats are also supported upon your request, but an additional cost may be incurred.

Q. How long does it usually take to translate documents?
A. It’s usually 2-4 working days for a 1 or 2-page simple document, like a certificate, or a document under 200 words.
Technical, legal or large volume documents, including transcriptions, may take longer.If you require urgent translation, please let our client advisor know when you place the order, we can provide urgent translation service at a cost.

Q. Can I translate a document for overseas use?
A. Translations done in Australia should be accepted for overseas use. However, please refer to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the country’s Consulate, before you proceed with translating your document. Some countries may have their own requirements, so please plan accordingly.

If you have any other questions about our translation service, please get in touch for a chat.

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