Teaching kids a second language

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It takes many immigrant parents years to learn the language of their new country. In fact, many immigrant parents may have to force themselves to learn the language of their new country just so their children can have decent prospects of being able to get a decent job upon returning home. Of course, there are many bogus programs in the world that force young people to pay money even when the young person can’t afford to pay the money and many of these programs even offer degrees that sound exactly like the legitimate universities offer but are really just a conventional way to get a job.

It takes serious amounts of time and money to learn the language of another country so if you decide that you can’t afford to do so or simply don’t have the time to do it then you should consider enrolling your children in one of the many schools that offer a second language immersion program. Children’s chances of getting jobs upon returning home also increase dramatically.

So why would you even consider not enrolling your children in one of the many Spanish based schools? Simply because it’s affordable and it’s a great way for your child to learn a language. When schools offer language immersion programs they not only teach the adult students, they also have the ability to enroll children as young as pre-school age.

Many programs offer language immersion programs that last typically from about three months to a year. This is a huge benefit for children who learn English as a second language at a young age. The students also get the added benefit of being in a native English speaking country. Of course, at the end of the program each student is required to take an exam that proves their knowledge of the language.

One other added benefit to participating in a Spanish language school is the opportunity to socialize with native Spanish speakers. All of the children will be required to attend Spanish classes during the school year and there will be preparation courses offered for students prior to starting the program.

The teachers at these schools are also experts in the language and have years of experience living and working in Spain. This gives the students the advantage of having a teacher who is well versed in teaching children of this age.

Children who have been enrolled in a Spanish language school have been identifying their school as a good place to learn and socializing with other Spanish speakers.

Why choose a Worldwide Interpreting and Translation’s – Language Tutoring Service?

If for no other reason but necessity, enrolling children in a Spanish language school is probably the easiest and the most economical option for parents who want their children to attend school in a Spanish speaking country.

sounding like a debate, parents often argue about what the advantages of attending Spanish school are.

  • Visiting a bilingual place of learning – experts often point out that it is rare to find school curriculums in Argentina that are perfectly bilingual. Apart from the fact that studying another language allows you to better understand Spanish, this program allows students to have the opportunity to socialize with other students and teaches them to become more comfortable with their native language.
  • Schools tend to be very well-supported – in Spain students can easily take advantage of the Spanish government’s extensive school network, providing information and encouragement about the school. The networks of Spanish schools in Spain are very strong, with over 7000 schools spread across the country providing students with all of the support they need in achieving their goals.
  • A rewarding experience – even if children do not meet the native Spanish speaking population, they will experience the exciting Argentine culture. There are many things to take away from this country, including the unique and interesting cuisine, scenic beauty, and rich cultural heritage.
  • Getting in touch with one’s own language – it is widely recognized that learning a foreign language (such as English) helps to get in touch with one’s own language. In addition, students will quickly discover that learning Spanish and learning English (the national languages of Argentina) are very different. (view a sample Spanish school schedule)
  • Meeting new people – when students spend time in Spanish speaking countries, they get to meet people who are different from themselves. This feeling of learning and being learned can help to enrich their own personality, and give them the courage and confidence to communicate with the natives in their own language.
  • Spanish loves history – just look at how everyone pronounces “negro” differently. It is amazing to watch the locals discuss their history, and pronounce some very interesting phrases.
  • Learning the Cervantes poem – reading Cervantes poetry is a great way to experience Spanish history and Literature. His poetry is full of passionate characters, exciting places, and wacky characters… plus of course, it is generally very funny.

Generally speaking, learning Spanish is a fun and rewarding experience. The speed with which you learn to speak the language, and then the joy you will experience as you learn to read it back with accuracy will make this endeavor well worth your time.

Worldwide Interpreting and Translation offers language tutoring services to help your child learn other languages, these are offered on a one-on-one basis to ensure your child is getting the focus and attention they need.

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