Becoming a NAATI Certified Translator

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Worldwide Interpreting and Translation is always happy to assist members of the community who are interested in becoming an translator. In order to be certified in Australia an translator must receive some formal acknowledgement from NAATI.

A translator transfers a written message from one language into a written message in another language, for the purpose of communication between a writer and reader who do not share the same language.

Translators work with documents from certain typical domains and types, depending on the certification they hold.

NAATI’s Certified Translator test is an objective assessment of the skills and competencies needed to practice as a translator in Australia.

What does the test involve?

Certified Translator tests are delivered online. It is important you read the Candidate Information before taking your test.

There are separate tests for LOTE into English and English into LOTE certification.

The test involves completing three tasks:

  • Two translations of a non-specialised text
  • One revision of a non-specialised translation

Each test task will be on a different topic from a different domain. 

Candidates are prohibited from using Microsoft Word or any other grammar and/or spelling tools.

Refer to the NAATI Website for additional Information:

Make sure you read and understand the following information before sitting your test:

Please don’t hesitate to contact Worldwide Interpreting and Translation should you have any queries in relation to the preparation to become a NAATI Certified Translator.

Credit: National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters