What is The International Linguistics (ILC) Center?

SIL is a global, faith-based nonprofit that works with local communities around the world to develop language solutions that expand possibilities for a better life.  As of 2020, we are involved in approximately 1,350 active language projects in 104 countries. These projects impact more than 1.1 billion people within 1,600 local communities. SIL’s work bringsContinue reading “What is The International Linguistics (ILC) Center?”

What does an Interpreter do?

Let’s take a look at the purpose of an interpreter. An interpreter’s main job, at least in the case I’m going to outline here today, is to create a bridge between two people, essentially bridging the gap that exists between what is said and what is being said. In order to do that, the interpreterContinue reading “What does an Interpreter do?”

Teaching kids a second language

It takes many immigrant parents years to learn the language of their new country. In fact, many immigrant parents may have to force themselves to learn the language of their new country just so their children can have decent prospects of being able to get a decent job upon returning home. Of course, there areContinue reading “Teaching kids a second language”

What are the different types of interpreting?

If you are new to the world of interpreting and translation, you will be surprised to learn that there are different types of interpreting services from which you can choose according to your organization’s needs, with two primary methods including simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. For each of these needs, you need to decide which interpretationsContinue reading “What are the different types of interpreting?”

What is the difference between a linguistic interpreter and a cultural interpreter?

A linguist interpreter is someone who studies language: its structure, function, etc. There are many parts of linguistics, and many options in which language can be studied or researched. Theoretical linguists study the structure of a language examples include; how speech can sound and when it can be put together to form words, and howContinue reading “What is the difference between a linguistic interpreter and a cultural interpreter?”

Can you request an interpreter based on their cultural background or religion?

When we have linguistic challenges that transcend cultures, we often have to deal with a cross between linguistic challenges and cultural challenges, especially when we are engaged in intercultural conversations with people from different cultures.  This manifests iself into two categories: Cultural Background Religion This article will focus in on these areas and highlight theContinue reading “Can you request an interpreter based on their cultural background or religion?”

What languages are in demand for interpreters?

Popular languages for interpreting services in Australia and New Zealand include English, Mandarin Chinese (Traditional), Spanish, Arabic and Italian. It includes a full range of standardised foreign language translators such as American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters, Australian sign language specialists & spoken interpreter systems which are available to all customers on the website from anyContinue reading “What languages are in demand for interpreters?”

Is Translation the same as Interpretation?

To succeed around the world, your business should speak with worldwide crowds as perfectly as a neighbourhood organisation would. Causing your substance to reverberate in a market’s local language may include understanding administrations, interpretation and confinement administrations or both. How would you know which one you need? The critical contrasts among understanding and interpretation areContinue reading “Is Translation the same as Interpretation?”

What is interpretation and translation process?

This is a process where a person repeats aloud what is said in another language, it is basically a paraphrase. The interpreter listens to the speaker of a language and captures the content of what is being said, changes the word to another meaning and then switches the meaning back to a word in theContinue reading “What is interpretation and translation process?”